Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

This time of the year even the Admin shows some affection:

Merry Christmas!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

From the Desert

Oh dear, DU has been idling out for a while...

Not because there has not been any DU activity, but rather because of the overwhelming activities of the DU-crew!

There are apparently times when the total intelligence level contained within a restricted area seems to decrease with an increasing number of people ...

The DU-crew has hit new limits, but ... later ...

It will be some time before you can see new DU posts here since the Admin has to sort out a few "real" issues in between...

... so ... stay tuned for more ...

The Admin

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dummest User & Internet Ads

This is a serious post. Consider it as a warning to all users on the web.

Lately, my dummest users have discovered (for them) new ads on the www. These ads tell the user that the computer is "infected" and that they have to "click here to download the appropriate anti-virus".

A big warning to all out there - these ads are hoaxes of the worst kind!
At best you're getting swarmed with ads or spam. At worst you can infect
your system with a trojan horse that downloads all kinds of malicious software.

Certainly, I do not assume that there are all DU's out there, but the warning must be spread!


Monday, October 16, 2006

E-Mail Problems - Vol.2

The following is a conversation held between the Admin and a self declared "Master of Computing":


DU: I can't open my e-mail.
Ad: What's the problem - no password?
DU: No, it doesn't even ask for a password.
<Admin looks over the shoulder of DU - and internally breaks into hysterical laughter - the screen of the DU shows an IE window with as web address>

Ad: Eh. Try going to .
DU: And then?
Ad: Click on e-mail and use you username & password to login.
DU: Can't see e-mail.
Ad: Upper right of page.
DU: Ah, yes, now it's ok.
Ad: Thanks God.
<Another satisfied customer gg>

Cleaning up - Vol.1

<Phone rings>
Ad: Hello.
DU: Hello, my computer doesn't restart.
Ad: What does it say?
DU: No operating system.
Ad: WHAT? What did you do?
DU: Nothing. I just cleaned some files off my hard drive.
Ad <swallowing>: You did WHAT?
DU: I removed some unnecessary files.
Ad: Where they, by any chance in the C:\ folder?
DU: Yes.
Ad: Congratulations - you just killed your entire system.
DU: How can I get them back?
Ad: I will have to reinstall the machine.
DU: Can I have it back in an hour?
<Admin gave up at that point>

E-Mail Problems - Vol.1

<phone rings>
Ad: Hello?
DU: Can you tell me my e-mail password?
Ad: Which account?
DU: <note: name removed to protect the ignorant>
Ad: Sorry, but that password cannot be retrieved.
DU: But how do I get to my mails?
Ad: Do you have a password reminder?
DU: A what?
Ad: Ok, forget it. You have to figure the password out.
DU: You are not very helpful.
Ad: If you say so.
<Admin hangs up - there is no way to beat this ignorance>

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Your colleague was more helpful

The following happened during servicing one computer:

DU: My Yahoo is so extremely slow. Can't you do something about it?
Ad: Not really, it depends on the network traffic on the servers.
DU: But, can't you make it work faster.
<Admin gets slightly annoyed>
Ad: You could try placing a complaint at Yahoo's site.
DU: And how would I do that.
Ad: Try writing an e-mail.
DU: To which address?
Ad: Seriously. Do you think that this will have even the slightest effect?
DU: It's still worth a try.
Ad: I don't think that they will even read it.
DU: You know, last time, your colleague was here, he changed something and then Yahoo worked better.
Ad: Sorry, but I can't do that magic - you'll have to wait for my colleague.
<Admin was internally crying with laughter, because all the colleague did was changing the home page of IE>

This proves that sometimes magic works...